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We came to know Heather through the Dog Show circuit in the Midwest region. We had observed Heather showing her dogs several years before we asked if she would consider selling us one of her "show dogs". When we inquired I sort of thought she might not sell a dog for show to people she barely knew, so I expected we could very possibly be turned down. We had been in the show circuit a little while; taken about a five year break, then returned to the dog show circuit with a couple of our own bred-by litter mate dogs (whom we ultimately grand championed).  We were looking for a female to eventually breed our bred-by dog Rikki to. Heather messaged us and said she had a girl named Shelby that had just come into heat. She was planning to breed her with her Russian import boy, Asher. She sent us pictures of both these beautiful champion/grand championed dogs. I remembered seeing Heather show both of these dogs a few years back and was ecstatic that we could possibly purchase a show quality pup from this pair! And so it began. 

The process to acquire a dog from Heather is well defined, her contract is fair and her love and enthusiasm for her dogs is unquestionable. Heather's knowledge of the dachshund breed is phenomenal and she is well respected in this arena.  She is honest and matter of fact. There are no hidden agendas from this lady. Heather will go out of her way to find solutions to questions you have. 

We purchased our girl Flora two years ago. Flora's temperament is wonderful. She is very loving and is a stunning little "princess". Honestly she is gorgeous (no bias).  Flora has become my "special heart dog". Every time she is in the ring, I am so very proud to show her and present a Longdogia dachshund to a judge.  Our next puppy from Longdogia Dachshund's is coming. She was born just a few weeks ago and we sure hope to have this next girl in the ring tool. Go Georgia!! 

Thank you Heather for not only trusting us, but for mentoring us and befriending us. Someday, we sure hope to meet your wonderful mom, Janet Donnelly. You are both an awesome mother/daughter team. What a treat it is to have a dachshund from breeders who care VERY much about their health and pedigree. Thank you!   


Longdogia Daschunds are the BEST!


All three of my fur-babies have come from Heather and Longdogia Dachshunds.  I bought my first puppy from Heather four years ago.  It was the first time I purchased a puppy without personally selecting one from a litter.  Heather did an excellent job of matching Tucker to our family.  I asked for a sweet and mellow dog, and Tucker definitely is that!  He fits into our” pack” perfectly and is one of the best dogs we have ever had.

When we had a vacancy in our “pack”, Heather suggested that Liberty might be a good fit to fill the open spot.  She was older – 14 months – when she came to live with us.  Liberty – or Libby—is our princess and has been fun to have in our household.  Bringing in an older dog, such as Libby, is somewhat a different process than bringing home a new puppy, but Heather was a wealth of knowledge and suggestions.  Libby is now the “girly” part of our family and fits in perfectly.

Brody is our newest puppy.  After tragically losing my all-time favorite dog, I contacted Heather and told her I thought having a puppy might help with the grieving process.  She selected Brody for us and he is a winner.  He is smart, playful, and fun and just what the doctor ordered!  I am ever so grateful to Heather for selecting him for us.  We even traveled to Los Alamos to pick up Brody and meet his and Tucker’s mutual father.  As you can see by the picture daddy-Asher’s genes run strongly in his sons!

All of Heather’s dogs are bred for temperament and good health.  Her puppies are used to being around other dogs and are easily included in the dynamic of their new homes.  I have to say that all my fears of buying a dog over the internet and having a bad experience were put to rest a long time ago.  As I have told Heather repeatedly, I wouldn’t buy a puppy anywhere else!

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Longdogia Dachshunds are an amazing resource if you are looking for a long-haired Dachshund!! When you read the information in their web site, you begin to understand how well taken care of these beautiful dogs are. Their dogs have won many, many dog shows. I got my puppy the end of March 2018... and she is so beautiful and such a delight and I know that Heather is there for me if I ever need help with anything in regards to my puppy. She sells the puppies with a lifetime agreement and commitment. If you love these beautiful babies as I do and a guarantee that you will be getting a good dog, then go look at her web sites and go through the steps you need to to get one reserved. You’ll be so happy you did. Cheers!  Here are some pics of my Miss Dotty Mae.

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I have nothing but good things to say about Longdogia Dachshunds.  I felt comfortable immediately with adopting a puppy from Heather; with her experience in the veterinary field, dog shows and the Dachshund breed.  Gabbie was born on February 2nd, 2018 and was a blessing my husband and I had been needing.  Heather sent us photos and updates weekly and it gave us something to look forward to after a long week of work.  Gabbie was able to come home 8 weeks later and she was in perfect condition, and from my past experience with pet adoption that was uncommon.  She provided us with a detailed list of instruction for vaccines, which she had begun, a blanket with several puppy toys and an added bonus Gabbie was already chipped.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and I’m looking forward to adopting our next family member from Heather in the near future (I probably should get on that waiting list!)  Thank you Heather for bringing me and Chris so much Joy with our Gabbie Girl, I don’t know how to thank you enough.

Some of my favorite pictures!  She’s a snuggle bug, loves her buddy Jakey and definitely gets in mischief!  She’s already had her first grooming appointment and she still is not quite sure of the walking harness.  In fact, when I put her harness on its one of the few times she stays still, lol.  Love my baby girl!


Heather blessed our family a year ago with Mason. I am very picky about breeders and I have to say Heather made me feel more at home with our choice than I've ever felt purchasing a puppy. Mason came to us with an amazing puppy kit and clean bill of health. Heather makes it feel like you are apart of each step with weekly pupdates. Watching our puppy grow made the experience incredible. Mason is so well rounded you can just see how deeply she cares for each puppy and the breed. She is still apart of Masons life and is always genuinely happy to receive his updates. We were so happy with our experience that we will be purchasing another baby from her this year. We are honored she has trusted us with an amazing little man who truly compliments our family. 


Horst came to us like a ray of sunshine.  In just 48 hours he has captured our hearts; even Olivia my 9 year old senior Dachshund is having a hard time playing matriarch, when she would really like to play!  You can immediately tell how much Heather loves her dogs.  They come with a very professional puppy kit, toys, foot.  You are ready for action!  Horst is not only very handsome, but also a real love but.  In a couple of years I can't wait to have another Longdogia join my family.  Even my cat loves Horst. 

Peggy Chester

"Heather, words cannot express how HONORED I am to be called mommy by 4 of the BEST little fur babies ever created.  My Longdogia Dachshunds are the highlight of my day and always put a smile on my face.  Pink, Kuma, Fancy and Mercedes are what I call PERFECTION, from their amazing conformation to their out of this world personalities.  I enjoy everyday with them from our sweet and gentle cuddle time to uur spunky fun playtime.  You have done a fabulouts job creating and raising some of the best Dachshunds I have ever had the pleasure of being owned by.  I know each and every one of them will go far in their show careers and I will proudly walk beside them in the ring knowing I have the BEST... FROM THE BEST!!!  Thank you so very much for allowing your hard work to be in my life.  The kids and I hope to always make you proud... and they sure enjoying seeing you walk through the door when you come to visit!"

"From the moment I saw a picture of Layla on Longdogia Dachshunds, I knew she had to be mine!  She was the most beautiful little girl I'd ever seen!  The month we had to wait to go get her was the longest month ever!  Once we finally picked her up it was love at first sight!  We get so many comments on her, everyone falls in love instantly!  She's still a pup but everyday she gets a little more personality and has the best temperament - not a mean bone in her body.  She's the perfect dog, one minute she's playful and the nest she's ready to snuggle!  I would not hesitate to buy another one from Heather in a heartbeat".

"I could not be more pleased with my puppy from Longdogia Dachshunds.  Heather and Janet are wonderful people and are not just my breeders but my friends.  Alfie's temperament is wonderful and his conformation is wonderful.  We are so glad we went with Longdogia Dachshunds and will in the future as well".

"We got Bailey from Heather 6 years ago, he was a tiny little bundle of black and tan with the sweetest puppy face I had ever seen.  He was so small he could fit into my hand!  It was instant love at first sight for all of us.  I remember he was immediately attached to my chocolate lab/rottie Toby.  He followed him all over the house for days.  Toby (the big baby) would run away from him at first because he wasn't quite sure what to make of him.  My other little dog Bryson (a Shitzu-poodle) was very curious to see what he was up to.  I love him and my other dogs to pieces.  We are so very happy to have him as a member of our family!  Thank you Heather!!"

"After watching our first Dachshund lose his sight due to PRA, we learned the importance of health testing in the breed.  We were thrilled to learn that health testing was a priority for Heather.  The dog we purchased from Heather came with a clean health and genetic record and we have enjoyed him since day one.  Not only is health a priority but also temperament and our little guy is the sweetest dog we've ever owned".

"We got Charlie from you in August of 2008 and have been loving him since the day we brought him home.  He is the greatest dog we've ever had.  So well behaved, never runs off, very mellow personality.  And though he is a couch potato, he gets all his exercise in running around our property out in the country life of Upstate NY.  We are so happy to have found you and your beautiful dogs!  Thank you so much for our lovable Charlie!"

"We purchased two puppies from you (a year apart) and love them dearly.

I cannot begin to explain how sweet and smart they are.  They are busy bodies and need to be included in every part of our lives.  They both have very good temperaments and are great with all children.  I receive many compliments wherever we go, and people have even asked to take pictures of them.  I know others would be overjoyed to purchase a puppy from you!"

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