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We consider each of our puppy homes a part of the Longdogia Family.  


This page provides all the information needed to start the process of making one of our puppies a part of your family!!


We offer LIFETIME support to all of our puppies and their families!  Welcome and we hope you decide to join our wonderful family of happy puppy owners!!




One of the first steps in getting a puppy from us is to fill out our                                     and return it to us in an email with whatever additional information you would like to share with us.  


This application gives us some of the basic information needed to ensure that your family will be a good fit, and that we have a puppy (or litter on the way) that we feel would fit your family well.



Once we have gone over your application, the next step is either:

1. To go on a waiting list for an upcoming litter, or if we have the perfect puppy available then

2. Place a deposit on that puppy.


We require a NON refundable deposit to hold a puppy for you. Deposits are $300, this amount is applied to the balance of your puppy. We allow 3 business days unless prior arrangements have been made to receive your deposit. We will place the puppy as SOLD going to your family once the deposit is received. If you change your mind once a deposit has been made, it is again - non refundable.





Longdogia Dachshunds provides a 1 year Health Guarantee against life threatening Genetic Defects.  If you continue daily use of NuVet Plus Vitamins after the puppy leaves our care we will EXTEND our Health Gurantee to a LIFETIME Guarantee.  PLEASE NOTE: Due to the varying kinds of dog food on the market and the different environmental conditions the dogs come on contact with, we will extend our guarantee on our puppies if they are given NuVet Plus daily at the manufacturer’s suggested dosage for their lifetime. You must have your NuVet Plus on hand when your baby arrives home.  Failure to do so DOES NOT extend the guarantee beyond 1 year. Not available in stores, visit our

                               on our website to order and have on hand when your new puppy comes home.  

                               (Must use Order Code 63476 when ordering).


Longdogia Dachshunds guarantee does not cover any liability for injury.  This guarantee is good against life threatening diseases, not parasites or Coccidian.  “Life Threatening Diseases” must be diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian and documented that it would prevent the dog/puppy from being a good pet/companion and is detrimental to the dog/puppy’s life.  The buyer must notify the breeder within 2 business days of diagnosis and it is the breeder’s choice to refund the purchase price (less the non refundable deposit amount) or replace the puppy.  The buyer is responsible for all expenses in the return of the dog/puppy and under no circumstances will the breeder replace the above dog/pupy if the breeder has not been advised of its illness within the 2 days allotted or if the dog/puppy is put to sleep.


All puppies sold by Longdogia Dachshunds will be up to date on all vaccinations and deworming at the time of sale. The new Owner is expected to continue the vaccination as prescribed by their Veterinarian. All Puppies must be examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours of purchase and a copy of the examination must be returned to Longdogia Dachshunds within 1 week of purchase date.  Failure to do so will void this agreement.  All future liabilities and veterinarian bills will be the Buyers responsibility.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to take the necessary precautions to protect the puppy from dangerous or infectious situations until the puppy has completed its series of proper vaccinations.


Longdogia Dachshunds reserves the right to withhold the registration papers on any puppy sold as a companion/Pet, until proof has been sent by a Veterinarian stating the puppy has been spayed or neutered.


Longdogia Dachshunds does not guarantee any puppy raised on the Raw Diet or other Diet other than a high quality kibble. All Puppies must be kept on the puppy food they are being fed at the time of sale or one approved by Longdogia Dachshunds and kept on a good/consistent exercise plan for life.             


Longdogia Dachshunds cannot guarantee size, weight, hair coat, skin conditions, temperament, conformation or training ability of said dog/puppy.  Any information given to you in these regards is simply the breeder’s educated opinion.  Many things can influce the grown and development of a dog/puppy.


Longdogia Dachshunds has a "Welcome Home Policy" which means:

If at anytime the purchaser finds that he/she can no longer care for this animal or does not feel that this animal is suitable for them any longer, The Purchaser agrees not to sell, place or abandon this animal to a shelter, rescue, or individual, but agrees to return this animal to the seller, Heather Ackby, at no cost to the seller.  





Payments can be made throughout the time your puppy is growing up with us. We do require that your puppy is paid for in FULL by the time he/she reaches 6 weeks of age, unless arrangements have been made for final payment at time of pick up. Personal checks are not accepted for final payment. We accept PayPal (fees apply), Money Order, or Cash at time of pick up. Your puppy will be ready to join your family when he/she is 8-10 weeks old.






~ New toys

~ A folder filled with lots of information, including all vaccine and wormings done and that will be due.

~ Birth Certificate

~ A handmade blanket from us

~ Other assorted goodies!

~ Small bag of food - we feed and recommend Bill Jack foods, or Purina Pro Plan.

~ PREPAID Microchip already implanted

~ LIFETIME support from us - you are becoming part of our extended Dachshund family, we will be here for you and the puppy, and love      love love updates and pictures!!





We DO NOT ship our puppies - ever! Once your puppy is ready to join your family, you can come pick your puppy up from our home, or we we also offer a personal delivery of your new puppy - we can meet you within 1 hour free of charge, or any distance over that will have a fuel charge depending on the area being traveled to. We do lots of traveling for shows, so we can usually work something out to shorten your drive, our ours if we are delivering. We also encourage you to fly here and pick your baby up in person and fly back with them under your seat. Please discuss this option in detail with us as there is lots of advanced planning if you are flying in. 


** There is now a law about shipping puppies - if you find a breeder willing to ship you a puppy without knowing much about you or asking many questions - be aware! These laws are in place due to the volume of puppy mills that will sell and ship you a sick, unhealthy, poorly bred puppy.










Welcome Packet


Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a Longdogia Puppy!!  You have joined a family of Dachshund loving families across America.  I am a small in home breeder devoted to improving purebred miniature longhair Dachshunds.  We produce on average one litter per year, per Dam.  Our Dachshunds are our family pets first, and live in our home as family.

I spend a lot of my time grooming, mentoring, raising puppies, showing, plus a full time job.  I'm also very active on social networking, primarily Facebook.  I love it when you post photos and updates in our Longdogia Dachshunds Group!   

I am very devoted to building a lifetime relationship with all of you and am available any time to answer questions or concerns.  Welcome to the family!  Heather Ackby founder of Longdogia Dachshunds.


Longdogia Dachshunds foundation dogs are from conformation lines.  Their coat is medium to long with a moderate undercoat.  At maturity our females typically weigh 11-14 pounds.  Our males on average weigh 12-15 lbs.  Our dogs have more substance being conformationally correct show dogs making them perfect for sports, hunting, agility, showing and of course couch snuggles!  Our dogs are loving and driven but also enjoy quiet time snuggling with their families.  They are very good at hiking, barn hunts, field work, and  being house dogs.  Our dogs are wonderful pets and have become therapy, service, show and hunting dogs.  


We feed our adult dogs Royal Canin Small Dog dry food with a tablespoon of Royal Canin Coat Care canned food and a little hot water mixed together.  We always give NuVet Plus vitamins to keep our dogs in the best of health always.  Think of it like taking your multivitamin daily. You can order Nuvet by calling 1-800-474-7044 or online at you'll use order code 63476.  Additionally we follow the Jean Dodds recommended vaccine protocol and require that our puppies continue with this protocol once they leave us.

Puppy Care/Housing and Socialization

Our puppies are whelped in our home and are watched closely until they are 4 weeks old and move into their main living area, their "puppy apartment" where they learn to be litterbox trained.  Their apartment has toys that provide noise and touch stimulation.  We have family visitors that help socialize our puppies.  Additionally our puppies play in our living room with us in the morning and evenings (and mid day on weekends).  They learn to live in a home and become familiar with vacuums, blow driers, music, television, and of course adult dogs.  They get weekly baths and nail clippings, weigh-ins and daily brushings.

Pictures and videos

We provide frequent pictures via Facebook Messenger and/or email, and videos are provided via Facebook.



Puppy Needs


● Grain INCLUSIVE puppy food - we feed Royal Canin Small Dog dry and Puppy canned

● Lots of water

● Consistent schedule

● Teach to potty outside

● A safe loving environment

● Lots of hard chew toys. They are TEETHING

● Learn the word “Yes” in conjunction with all the good things they do. Lots of positive reinforcement

● Learn the word no in conjunction with a spray bottle or loud hand clap. “No” should be a firm command, not wimpy or scary.

● Teach off, sit, and down when they’re little. It’s so much easier!

● Don’t let them bite you at all! If they do make a loud whining noise like a hurt puppy, then put a hard chew toy in their mouth and say yes lovingly.

● Don’t let little ones jump on you ever. If they do, don’t reinforce negative behavior with a pet. Never invite them to jump on you.

● Lots of in-home socialization before 3rd booster like daily brushing, blow-dry, nail dremel, mops, brooms, loud sound effects (see calm pet in our google drive), music, clanging pots, plastic bags and balloons overhead, face masks, eye glasses, vacuum, stairs, other animals in the home, outside textures, etc.

● Group Puppy training classes are suggested after 3rd booster shot, or continue in home training.

● Tons of outside socialization after 3rd booster shot; Exposure to everything possible like people, stores, shopping carts, car rides, nice animals, neighborhood walks, docks, water, groomer, disabled people with canes and wheelchairs, people with hats, beards, long hair, bald, etc.

Potty Training

A puppy has almost no bladder control.  They CANNOT hold it like a grown dog.  Accidents WILL happen so don't stress and be prepared.

Your pups have been trained to potty in a doggy litterbox with pine pellets and washable pee pads while here.  To make the transition easy, have a litterbox, rabbit tray or crate tray inside near your door with pine pellets.  Show the puppy the box every hour or when they show potty signs.  Praise them when they use it.  If they have an accident outside the box, tell them "no" immediately.  Put them in the box and say "yes", lovingly.  This also works with taking them outside in place of the box, but without a place inside that they're allowed to use, it will take longer and they'll have more accidents.

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Housebreaking chart.jpg
  • Dogs live "in the moment".  If they are reprimanded an hour after they have an accident, they DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

  • Watch for potty signs like acting frantic, nose to the ground, and circling and put your puppy in the box immediately.

  • Typical potty times are after waking, play, and 10-15 minutes after eating.  Don't offer food or water after 7 pm.

  • Feed consistently, the same time, type, and amount daily.

After a few days, start taking your puppy outside instead of to the indoor box, put some of the dirty pellets outside in the yard where you want the puppy to potty.  Potty time is not play time.  Use a consistent word like go "potty" or "get busy", take them outside, and when they go, PRAISE them and take them inside immediately.  It may take a couple of weeks for them to transition from the box to the outside.

Clean inside potty mistakes thoroughly.  Use an enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle enzymatic formula or ODO BAN (both on Amazon, see next section for links)

Shopping Links/Checklist



Equipment & Accessories


Puppies should not be left to roam the house on their own.  If they are not put in a crate or pen you will want to confine them to an area that is safe.  Baby gates are an ideal solution to confining the puppy in the room you're currently in.  This also helps with housebreaking since smaller breed dogs struggle with understanding the entire house is not their "den".  Giving them access to 1 room at a time and waiting for them to master that area is the best approach. 

Grooming & Hygiene

Chew Treats & Toys

We've tried to cover all the bases with this list.  Please feel free to share any items you find that work better or that your puppies love.  Bringing home a puppy is like bringing home a baby.  You will want to have most of these items on hand so that you don't have to go out and get them.  Whether this is your first or tenth dog, we know that you will still have questions, either about items on the list or about things we didn't cover.  As always, please don't hesitate to call, text, Facebook, or email us with ANY questions you have!!

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